terça-feira, maio 30, 2006

Convite para o encontro-preparatório do III Fórum Europeu da Educação [Amesterdão a 24 de Junho]

Bonn/Bergen, 25th of May 2006

Dear all,

the last EEF [European Education Forum] in Bergen/Norway has been a success and the alternative movement all over Europe has become more and more important. In Athens on the last ESF [European Social Forum] in the beginning of May 2006, the discussions of the Education seminars show obviously the need for further European specific networking about this issue.

In 2007 there will be the next conference of the European Education ministers so there will be another milestone in the Bologna process. And of course we want to organize progressive activists for a more democratic, social and sustainable Education system all over Europe again at this occasion.

The EEF-supporters have developed a basic framework of principles on which we want to build a stable process of networking, exchange of ideas and opinions and coordination of activities on the European level. You find the EEF-principles attached to this document. If you want to join this basic EEF-platform, contact soli-b@web.de.

In order to plan and prepare the III European Education Forum in 2007 we invite you to
the next EEF-preparatory meeting
on Saturday, 24th of June 2006
Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
during the anual Cultural Analysis Summer Academy (CASA)-meeting

We will start at 14.00h on Saturday.

We also invite everybody to join the CASA meeting from 22nd to 25th of June before or after the EEF-meeting. Further information you find on casa.manifestor.org. Here you find information about housing and location as well. Please note that if you register as CASA-participant we do not get detailed information about your coming. In order to avoid confusion and communication problems please register and contact us for more information for the participation at the EEF-meeting under soli-b@web.de.

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