domingo, novembro 26, 2006

Em Israel: Estudantes e Professor@s protestam (coordenad@s) contra o aumento das propinas

Last week several thousand students and lecturers held a one-hour "warning strike" and protest on the lawn of Tel Aviv university. Professor Ben-Tzion Munitz described the co-ordinated action as a "historic struggle, where for the first time students and faculty are uniting in coordinated protest". Students' and Lecturers' unions have been working together to oppose merit-based pay schemes for teachers and increased tuition for students. The Jerusalem Post stated that student militancy was the highest in recent years, whilst student union leader Itay Shonshine stated the measures amounted to "throwing the students down a stairwell.", and that whilst many students had gone to fought in the Lebanon war without raising questions, "we came back to discover we were irrelevant".

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