segunda-feira, fevereiro 26, 2007

ATHENS report, 22 February 2007: Moments like this, when we [the People] write History!!!

The National Educational demonstration in 22 February, in Athens has been highlighted as one of the most important moments in the history of the contemporary Educational Movements in Greece. Thirty thousand students, educators of all levels and solidarious workers from various trade unions contested the atmosphere of fear and repression and filled the centre of Athens for more than four hours! The length of the demo reached three kilometres!

The Riot Police Forces operated a repressive orgy for one more time: they suffocated the demonstrators with tear-gas bombs, made use of stun grenades and tried to brake and isolate selected student blocks. Later in the evening, when a group of students organized a solidarity demo outside the Headquarters of the General Police Administration, to ask for the immediate liberation of one arrested student, one group of the Riot Police attacked them with no reason, following their superiors' order: "Do whatever you like"...

Neolaia Synaspismou saluted the thrilling presence of those thousands of people who choose to resist against the Governmental policy. The new "Framework Law" for Universities (which was presented in public some days ago and is due to discussion and votation in the Parliament) is already dead in the minds of the enormous majority of students and the Educational community. The only thing that is left to be done is the immediate withdrawal of the plans for the votation of the new Law in the Parliament and the resignation of the insolvent ministers of violence and repressive "dialogue" (the Ministers of Education and Public Order), Ms Giannakou and Mr Polydoras.

[See more photos from the demo.]

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