segunda-feira, dezembro 07, 2009

Kritische und Solidarische Universität (KriSU)

From 5. to 6. Dec. about 50 activists occupied a vacant building in the Universitätsstraße, Vienna. The building once was part of the university of Vienna, and has been sold by the Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft. The aim of the occupation was to emphasize the demand for space for the Solidarity University (KriSU). The occupied building was formerly used for academic activities and is a victim of privatization in the framework of the neoliberal attack. It was privatized despite the acute need for space for universities and the urgency of selfmanaged and free space for emancipative education.

This occupation is the kick-off of further activities in order to build up the Solidarity University in Vienna. Activists will continue the struggle for adequate space for KriSU.

KriSU aims towards a lively integration of research, teaching and praxis, according to the principles of selfmanagement, feminism and anti-discrimination. It strives for a non-commercial, emancipative space independent from the state. KriSU wants to organize a university for all, regardless of formal educational degrees. It wants to produce knowledge for an alternative to capitalism that leads out of the fundamental crisis, together with a variety of different societal groups. KriSU is working for a Solidarity Economy based on cooperation, selfmanagement and community orientation.

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Vidya Ashram collective disse...

We, the Vidya Ashram collective, support your struggle in Austria and hope that it spreads with the radical ideas about the world of knowledge that it is coming up with.

Vidya Ashram is working towards building a People's Knowledge Movement in India and holds that Knowledge is a species-character of human beings. We propose that the new university recognize that it resides in a world of Knowledge Abundance rather than Knowledge Scarcity. All knowledge comes from the people and ordinary life, and must return to the same communatarian space. Knowledge that does not so return turns against mankind. We agree with the quotation in your Press Release that the University be seen as being responsible for the disastrous social and ecological consequences. We would like to add that with the University, Science too must share the blame equally.

Do tell us if you have any ideas about how similar thinking people from the Global South can further the objectives of your movement.

Vidya Ashram Collective