domingo, fevereiro 07, 2010

Some steps towards another Europe of knowledge

Europe of knowledge is burning.

Italy, Finland, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, etc: for more than two years, a huge wave of protests has raised in higher education and research. All of them reclaim freedom of education and fight against their enslavement by political and economical powers.

It is clear now that the various state policies are imbued with one and same spirit defined at a European level by a mix of the Bologna process and the Lisbon strategy that can be called "Lisbo-logna process".
A first move towards a global European action was taken in April 2009 with the counter-summit in Leuwen. A second move was the simultaneous protests in a wide variety of countries in October-December 2009, the most conspicuous of which took place in Austria and Germany.

From February to April 2010, from Paris to Madrid through the Vienna and Brussels counter-summits, now is the time for a European spring of global action. Now is the time to build our Europe of free knowledge.

The four steps of the event are described in the attached file.

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