quinta-feira, fevereiro 11, 2010

University of Wroclaw (Poland) still goes on struggle of PhD students

The Union of Polish Syndicalists (Zwiazek Syndykalistow Polski - ZSP) member of International Workers Association decided to support this struggle and edit an informing bulletin about it in a context of the global campaign for free and emancipating education, which will be in free distribution at the University of Wroclaw and other schools in Poland.
Phd students of University of Wroclaw (Poland) who have started challenge for better social conditions quite long time ago are slowly becoming more radical.

Although the university derives benefits from a work of phd students (research&teaching) big part of them are totally unpaid and even though they get money for their work it is not enough to survive in the city.

The council of phd students of the university made a decision to begin protest at the beginning of December. But till now it was quiteinefficient and we weren't in fact self confident enough.

To be honest struggle is mostly focused on short time perspective and it is not very radical neither in goals nor in tactics and most people are involved because of promise of salaries' increase, but some more political demands are also present in minds of different people, but usually not in public debates.

27th of January we had our first demo. Despite bad weather conditions (about -15C) there was more than 40 people present, mostly phd students from all faculties of Uni but the demo was extremely calm. Now we havewinter break and I hope we start next semester with the bulletin with your and our texts.

PhD students in Poland ask for articles about situation in the educational sector in your countries...We ask you to send us some articles about situation in the educational sector in your countries and about a struggles performed there (in English please, but if there is no such possibility we can try to translate it also from Russian, French, German and Spanish). Please remember that majority of PhD students in Poland haven't even heardabout the International Students Movement and about the actions abroad, so try to start from the very beginning of movement in your country anddon't forget about background. We will translate your article to polishand put it in our bulletin together with news and articles aboutsituation in Poland. We also will translate our articles about Poland toEnglish and send it back to you, so you will may use it according to thecopyleft license. We are in a hurry a little bit, so we are waiting foryour texts till 12th February. Please don't write more than 1 500 words (short forms are welcomed).

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