domingo, maio 09, 2010

European Education Congress

The European Education Congress 2010 in Bochum will be a place for everyone interested in education from all over Europe to gather, network, exchange experiences and ideas and learn about the educational system in context. A focus will be on the theoretical grounding of differing conceptions of education, as well as the functions education and the educational system have in our society.

Education is a precondition for participation in all social interactions. However, in many aspects, the current educational systems are not geared towards enabling an understanding of social interrelations and taking part in the shaping of social changes. But only with everyones participation is it possible for a society which guarantees the broadest level of freedom for all to develop. It is therefore time to analyse the current and possible future
functions of education and its influence on decision-making processes in a society.

The congress is open to all people and depends on their participation. In order to allow for a maximum of interaction, the number of lectures will be kept to a minimum, instead workshops, discussions and other participatory forms of communication will dominate the program. As the division between active contributors and passive visitors exemplifies one of the many problems of current educational systems, participants themselves are encouraged to offer contributions on educational topics of their choice. These might range from giving inputs to a discussion to offering workshops or other activities.

People are encouraged to register their contribution on our website. For a chance of inclusion in the congress guide this has to happen before the 7th of May. All participants are kindly asked to register on our website, in order to help the organisational team with the planning. Participants in need of reimbursements for their travel expenditures should also register
before the 7th of May. Though financial support for everyone cannot be guaranteed, we will try our very best to make it possible for everyone to be able to participate. Congress attendance will be free of charge, there will be free meals and places to sleep will be offered. In order to support the congress, donations are highly appreciated.

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