sábado, novembro 06, 2010

Towards a People's Assemblies movement @ UK

In response to the economic crisis, government cuts and the pressures of globalisation, we are now witnessing the rise of social movements from across the political spectrum in Britain, Europe and beyond. But how can this popular discontent be transformed into an emancipatory political movement?

It is the view of many activists that a very different form of mobilisation, and a new kind of politics aimed at changing the balance of power is now urgently required. Taking inspiration from last year's Climate Justice Action (CJA) mobilisation in Copenhagen, and the many spontaneous calls made there - and elsewhere - for a new movement based on People's Assemblies, the following planning meeting is now being convened.
Liberation: Beyond Resistance
Building a People's Assemblies Movement

Saturday 11th December 1-5pm
@ Birkbeck College

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