quinta-feira, fevereiro 10, 2011

Occupation of University building in Utrecht: out of protest to education cuts in the Netherlands

In the morning of February 9th students occupied a building of the Utrecht University in the Netherlands out of protest to cuts proposed by the new right-wing government. The government is implementing austerity measures across society, using the financial crisis a pretext to hollow out social spending. Like in other countries around Europe and the world, education is no exception to this rule.

The proposed cuts to education include:
  • a 3.000 Euro fine and no right to free public transport for students who have more than one year delay in their Bachelor or Masters programme, regardless of the reason;
  • no more study-financing for Masters students;
  • cuts to higher education institutions resulting in the estimated loss of 4.000 jobs.
The occupiers want to send a clear message to the government and to society in general, “Education is a right not a privilege”, and we will not stand by while our right to education is being hollowed out. We also stand in solidarity with our fellow students and knowledge workers in other countries who are struggling for similar goals.

We're sending delegates to the Paris meeting, so see you there.

Student Action Comittee Utrecht

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