sábado, março 26, 2011

Cut the war not our education!

On the 26th of March italian students are going to London, to block the city together with English students. UniCommon will be there with those are fighting against the rising fees and european austerity. It will not be a demo like the others: it is a european day of struggle launched in London on 30th of January, a common day after month of resistance.

We have learnt to block the city through the savage demos in Paris during the NoCPE movement of 2006, while in London students have build up book-shields like us in Rome last year. This amazing sharing of practice bring us to London on side by side to Porto Rico and Wisconsin's students and Maghreb people.

We want to go to London to say clearly to the English Government, as well as to the Italian's one, that the only cuts we like are those on army and war! Cut the war not our education!

At the same time we are organizing a huge demonstration in Rome to support "Common goods" as energy, knowledge and water, we will block the city and make actions to support UK mobilization.

Meeting point is at P.le Aldo Moro, University La Sapienza, Rome.


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