quinta-feira, março 24, 2011

The Hague (NL): Stop the cuts in education!

In defiance of the 20,000 students who protested at the Malieveld last January, the government is pushing through its planned budgets cuts that will gravely impact education. Whole disciplines will disappear, professors will be laid off, higher education will be cut by 370 million, and the MBO by 170 million. Post-graduate studies will be financially out of reach for many, scholarships and free public transport will be abolished for Masters students, and ‘delayed’ students will be fined 3000 euro each year.

The consequences are clear: shorter, lower quality education for a higher price. Now is the time to put a stop to these plans. Education is so much more then an “investment in yourself”.

It’s a right!

Preventing budget cuts on education does NOT mean that social security, housing, art and integration courses should have to bear the extra burden. There is enough money, It is simply indefensible that social security is being cut across the board, even though the economy is recovering. Meanwhile, top incomes are ever increasing, bailed-out banks are barely taxed and billions are being spent on unpopular military projects. It’s time to get the message across. Demand quality education, for youtself and your fellow students.

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