quinta-feira, outubro 05, 2006

European Students’ Forum in Paris: proposal of timetable and political topics of debate

This is [just] a proposal, it’s open to [other] ideas, and it will be much better if everyone could make his/her contribution.
UNDERSTAND IT AS A PROPOSAL, the translation from spanish is not completly accurate, but we hope the english version is understandable!

The Forum will be divided into 5 different sessions and those are the proposed timetable and topics:

Friday, October 13rd:
First meeting beginning at 18:00
- Plenary session in order to explain the forums’ structure and methodology.
- Choice of the table (maybe the suittable word is committee) of the Forum, which will take the responsability of chairing the debate, helping to achieve consensus and make the agreements easier.
- After [this two points] the organizations and groups, will have time for explaining their own situations, struggles, history... Or to propose different workshops at their will (it will be much apreciated if you send your proposals before hand!!).
Dinner at 21:00
Inter-group meetings at 22:30.

Saturday, October 14th
Second meeting beginning at 10:00
- Plenary session to explain this day plan and give clues to the next debates.
- Debates in different groups about the organizative structure of the Students’ European Forum.
- Forming a Coordinating committee?
- Creating an European observatory of the different education commodification processes?
- How often must the forum be hold?
Lunch at 13:30
Third meeting beginning at 16:00
- Plenary session to explain the agrement of the morning debates.
- Group debate: Call of Paris, taking the bases of the Bakaiku Declaration, the proposal is to write a short document (something that will be usefull as a leaflet) calling for student struggle and movilization. The aim is to have Bakaiku Declaration as political basis and having a call (with political content, of course) as a tool, for daily work.
Dinner at 21:00
Plenary session about the Call of Paris.

Sunday, October 15th
Plenary session
- Debate about next acts and activities in common.
- Debate about strategy.
- Balance and farewell.
13:30 Lunch.

Note: The main troubble at Bakaiku was that we were short of time and the debates were really prolific. It was proposed to divide the next Forum in different workshops in order to have more topics debated and more decisions taken. But after thinking on in it, it was proposed to have everyone debating all the topics (this way individuals or groups with few members could take part in all the debates) but shortening the debates, in Bakaiku, we were lot of time arguing about words and terms. To avoid it, we have decided to give before the Forum (or in friday) the materials (texts, documents, ...) proposed for each topic and debating over diagrams shortening the main ideas, this way essential point can be outlined and the committee will debate over how to write things down in a way all of us will accept. The groups will be small and they will have a chairperson and someone taking record of whats going on!

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