quinta-feira, novembro 30, 2006

Na Grécia: violência policial contra estudante!!!!

24 year old student severly beaten by policemen, in Thessaloniki (Greece)

Following the end of the march for the Polytechnic memorial, in Thessaloniki, while the riots had been over for a lot of time, a group of undercovered policemen acting as para-state cops, arrested a young student walking there and started wallopping him furiously.

The cops, having been brazen by the terror built the previous days by the media and the public prosecution authorities, burst out with incredible furiousness on the body of the student. Some academic professors walking by that place, tried to intervene, but they were violently chased away by the policemen, so they couldn't do anything. Neither did the student's cries for help.

The police head officers, with no demur, despite photos and video-documents, initially claimed that the the victim had hit on a jardiniere! Fascists and non-fascists police unionists, cover their colleages. Finally, after 5 days of popular outrage, a few police officers received minor administrative charges.

The student denounced that he was brutally hitten towards and in the police department and he was taken to the hospital after 6 hours, at 5AM, where he stays severely injured. His parents issued a plaint, asking for the guilty ones to be punished.

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