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[A new] Education movement in Greece...

RIOTS, STRIKES and OCCUPATIONS about Education rights in Greece
A report - personal opinion about what happen and the future...

After the student´s uprising last May-June, last September one new movement born in Greece, the movement of the primary schools teachers. The teachers from primary schools decided to continue the struggle against the new law about changes in the Education system in general who the right wing goverment wanted to set up. The movement of primary school teachers and the movement of occupied Universities were
really the largest Education movements of the last 16 years in Greece. The teachers were in strike for 6 weeks and they stopped only under the presure of economical problems because all of these weeks the Goverment refused to pay them. After the primary school teachers, other education communities went forward in strike (like teachers from high schools and Universities, students from high school occupied their schools etc). The movement was really strong and so many different actions and demostrations done in many greek cities but never all of these different people were
really unite, for example the diferent education communities didnt discuss each other to went forward in strike at the same time. I think the reason was the diferent political opinions and tendencies indide the movement. In Greece the different radical tendencies never discuss peacefully or never tried before to create together a minimal strategy of resistance. The disagrements and sometimes the fights in the assemblies of the radical people didnt help to made more visible and powerfull the movement.


The situation in the future will be very hard for all. The right wing goverment will try again to attack in the social rights (not only in the Education system). If the radical and autonomous people will not move to build their unity and their networks of resistance to exchange ideas or if they will not make actions together, the autonomous movement will stay alone and out from the reality.

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