terça-feira, fevereiro 20, 2007

ATHENS report, 15 February 2007: [The Greek Educational Movement is] In the streets again!!!

The various actors of the [Greek] Educational Movement filled the streets in Athens and the rest of the country for another week, at the same time with the initiation of the discussion for the Reformation of Article 16 in the Parliament.

Thousands demonstrated in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra, Crete, Komotini and other major [greek] cities. In Athens, when the demo reached outside the Parliament, a block of students and educators disobeyed against the Police blockade. The Police Special Forces attacked brutally against the demonstrators, hit with their sticks and shields and made an extensive use of tear gas and suffocation gas. Five students were taken to Evaggelismos Hospital.

The [Greek] Educational Movement cannot be terrorized! We proved that we can win, we can resist against repression, we can spoil all neoliberal and aggressive plans for the demolition of public and free Education.

We set a new appointment for Thursday, 22 February, for a new, massive, national, Educational mobilization, which will fill the centre of Athens, on the occassion of the first votation for the Reformation of Article 16 in the Parliament.

[Pode também aceder-se a um compacto de ligações para os nossos anteriores textos sobre a situação da luta estudantil na Grécia.]

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