sábado, março 31, 2007

Press Release from Socialist Student Movement of the University of KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa)


WHO: Students threatened with exclusion
WHAT: Picket against financial exclusions
WHEN: 12h20 Friday March 30, 2007
WHERE: Outside Student Union Building, Howard College Campus, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban [South Africa]

Socialist Student Movement Press Release

The Socialist Student Movement (SSM) is deeply worried by the spate of financial exclusion which has quietly being effected at UKZN campuses in the past few weeks up to today. So far, at least 101 students have been excluded, whereof 70 are from Westville campus and 31 from Howard College.

In these two campuses, another 549 students are still awaiting the outcome their appeal against financial exclusion, according to the latest lists. However, by March 30, the temporary access to LAN’s, library and campus in general will be cut off for these students.

At an urgent meeting today, students resolved to embark on daily pickets according to the following:
Howard College Westville
Starting Friday March 30; Starting Monday 2 April
Venue: Outside Student Union Building; Venue: Quad
Time: 12h20 (if nothing else is announced); Time: to be announced.

The UKZN merger has meant a conscious roll-back of the gains that Westville students, primarily, had won through hard struggles. The counseling- and appeals process, which allowed students to register with nil if necessary, has been abolished. The entrance requirements have been raised so that even fewer learners from the previously excluded background schools can reach UKZN’s high points. Student debts are being privatized; sold to merciless private debt collectors outside any democratic control.

The management under Vice-Chancellor Makgoba wants to make the UKZN a “corporate” institution in line with neo-liberal restructuring of education world-wide. It is no coincidence that the same management which excludes students is chucking out staff union leaders and academics who dare speak their mind.

- The new “registration appeals” process allows no one to register with nil, instead students are demanded to pay for example R13 000, says Thabo Maile.

- Students are forced to look for menial part time jobs, compromising academic quality. Students on appeal are humiliated; for example being called “visitors” and forced to write exams in a separate section of the venue.

We urge the media to break the silence on this issue, come and hear our stories!
Para melhor se perceber a actual situação na Universidade de KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), leiam-se as notícias da edição online do jornal sul-africano "Mail and Guardian": «UKZN academic on the ropes» e «FXI says 'erosion' of free expression at KZN varsity» e também as notícias do jornal económico sul-africano "The Mercury": «UKZN staff association chairman strikes back», «Mantzaris suspended from UKZN» e «Conscience and soul of the nation».

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