sexta-feira, abril 27, 2007

Undoing Capitalism: Skills for Change

Methods and tools of Popular Education for the AntiCapitalist Movement. A ten day workshop and training experience [April 28th to May 6th, in Trebnitz on Brandenburg region, Germany].
It's not the analysis of neoliberal globalization which is missing, but rather practices of transmitting and exchanging knowledge. Also missing are ways of inspiring people to engage in political action.

Political education from below, in the sense of Popular Education, is underdeveloped within the movement of globalization critics. It’s not only way more fun than reading texts but also reaches and inspires more people.

In these four workshops you can experience and learn about:

• capitalism and anti-capitalism using methods of Popular Education;
• tools and approaches for training social activists;
• how to use these skills within non-hierarchical organizing procesess.

Organization: Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in cooperation with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and Training for Change.

[Further informations and registration form]

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