sexta-feira, novembro 21, 2008

Where do we go from here?

I think the international day of action helped to inspire and bring groups and movements struggling for free and emancipating education accessible to all from around the world closer together.

Now we should make use of the loose network we have.

But how?

I did suggest the following:

* spreading the word about the International Students Movement!
o for example with arranging a wall on campus informing about the international day of action [with many pictures from around the world]
o and trying to get in touch with other groups and movements around the world! [for example, the groups on the Philippines and Bangladesh try to contact (student) groups elsewhere in Asia / Spanish speaking groups try to get in touch with more groups in South/Central America, and so on.]
* Calling for a Global Week of Action next year! [But when?]

Currently the issue seems to be, when it would make sense to call for such a week of action. The Canadians are out of uni between the end of April until September.

In most parts of Germany students are off from uni between mid July until mid October next year.

Is there a month prefered by other groups?

Please join the discussion on this forum and share your point of view with the others.

This only work, if as many groups and inividuals as possible also get involved in the planning and decission making process. We don't want this to be left to a handfull of activists.

The commercialization process is continously creeping forward around the world. And many of us will leave the education system within the next few years. We have no time to waste!!

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