terça-feira, novembro 10, 2009

London College of Communication occupied

Courses in Creative Enterprise and the Printing Schools and some staff members have been earmarked for redundancy by Sandra Kemp, the Head of College (appointed in February 2009) in order to align the LCC it with its "core strengths" and make up for a deficit of £1.3 million. A possible restructuring plan was communicated with just two members of the SU: Helen Gimber, SU President and Andrea Strachan, SU General Manager in late June 2009.This restructuring will mean that a number of courses in the Printing and Creative Enterprise schools will be closed. This includes the popular BA Marketing and Advertising and MA Marketing Communications degrees. From the Creative Enterprise school, only courses in PR and Creative Advertising Strategy will survive the restructuring plans. These measures involve not only high staff redundancy numbers, but also the devaluation of the degrees of thousands of current students and alumni.

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