quarta-feira, dezembro 02, 2009

Students beaten and brutally evicted in Frankfurt

This afternoon the president of the Goethe University of Frankfurt/M threatened the occupiers of the "Casino" [a building on campus] that he will exercise property rights, if they don't leave the building within 10 minutes. Most students were not intimidated and decided to stay. One professor also stayed and defended the students' position.

Soon after [6.10pm CET] special police forces stormed the place.

The students, together with the professor, barricaded themself inside the "ballroom" and were beginning their scheduled alternative seminar titled "What does emancipatory education mean?". Soon after the police managed to break through and entered the place. The windows were covered [to prevent the media from taking footages of the eviction] and everyone inside was encircled by the police. The robocops asked the media to leave the room - those who didn't follow instructions immediately were pressured to do so.

Students linked arms with each other, but didn't actively resist. So they were carried outside - all 130 of them. Hundreds gathered outside the building [but still on campus] and protested in support and against repression. Soon they were attacked by police forces as well - mostly with batons. Various students were injured and had to be transfered to the hospital. One girl had two fingers broken. Some were chased through the city.

In the end 300 students were ID'd [incl. photographed and fingerprints taken]. Hundreds received bans from campus or even the city by the police. Many are expected to be tried and are charged with "breach of domestic peace" [among others]. At least 2 students were taken into custody.

Soon after the eviction many gathered inside the "autonomous space" on campus called "Koz" to discuss on how to continue. People are angry and will not give up so easily.

As a direct reaction to these incidents about 50 students spontaneously decided to protest through the inner city of Marburg [Germany] to inform the public about the violence.

Further acts in Solidarity of the students in Frankfurt/M and against repression & police violence are most welcome.

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