terça-feira, janeiro 30, 2007

ATHENS report, 24 January 2007: [Greek Students Movement] «More powerful and more decisive in the streets» [and also teachers are in strike]!!!

Another massive demonstration filled the centre of Athens in 24th January! At the same time, multiple mobilizations were organized in tens of cities around the country!

While the head of the demo was reaching the Parliament, the blocks at the end were just leaving Klafthmonos Square (the body of the demo was almost one kilometre long)!

The police was provocative throughout the demonstration: they were explicitly checking people's I.D. cards and bags, they tried to empty the streets around the Polytechnic University so as to create the impression of forthcoming clashes, they followed the student blocks from a very close distance, they were even taking photos of demonstrators' faces!

The Student Movement answered by organizing the most peaceful demonstration of the last period! At the same time, the occupied Faculties exceed 290 this week and the trade unions of University professors (POSDEP) and Primary Education teachers (DOE) organized strikes, in order to participate in the nationwide mobilizations.

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