segunda-feira, fevereiro 05, 2007

ATHENS report: «317 occupations all over Greece!!! Greek Students Movement continue...»

Today [January 31st] it was another day of nationwide uprising for the defence of public, free and academic character of Higher Education, against the plans for the Revision of Article 16 and the introduction of a new Legal Framework for Universities!

In Athens, the length of the demonstration reached almost one kilometre! The demo was absolutely peaceful and ended at the Poytechnic University, for the scheduled meeting of the Coordination of Occupations and General Assemblies. The Police Forces attempted to provoke the demonstrators outside the Polytechnic, but they were forced to retreat, under the pressure of the student blocks.

In Thessaloniki, almost 5.000 demonstrators walked from the Polytechnic University to the local Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace, challenging the stifling presence of the Police.

In Ioannina, all the Student Unions of the local University participated in a massive demo, which ended outside the building of the local Prefecture. The Police Special Forces attempted to drive back the demonstrators, by making an extensive use of chemicals (something completely alien for the culture of the city), under the political coverage of the local, right-wing Prefect.

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