terça-feira, novembro 18, 2008

40 days before the student social forum

Attac Togo organizes from 26 till 29 December 2008 a social forum of the school and university on the subject "Education and migration". The more and more discussed migratory stake touches particularly the school and university world the training of which also depends on a big mobility. In most of the former countries colonized the studies show a big tendency to the brain drain depriving them of the human resources for their economy. Besides the educational system inherited from colonial period is not foreign to this big migratory stream because the former colonies were not still able to set up educational structures adapted to their appropriate context to engage a real development. The restrictive policies in front of the migration applied by the developed countries are rather badly lived in the school and university world and appearing as a treason to ideal outbuildings in sharing passed on by the education as the language and the culture. For a dialogue between the pupils and the students, the actors of the civil society and the authorities in charge of the migratory problems in the North as in the South, We threw(launched) the idea of a social forum of school university combining all these actors. We thus invite you to take part in this activity, to apply for themes that must be discussed in workshop during this meeting and in if need be to support it of diverse manners. This joins the document project of the forum. We wait for more than three hundred pupils and for students come from four corners of the globe. The end of the registrations for the forum is foreseen by December 15th, 2008.

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